BIOC 311 Mid-Semester Evaluation 2019
Mid-semester course evaluations are administered by BUGS in addition to end-of-semester Mercury evaluations to give feedback to the Department of BIochemistry. This additional concrete feedback helps instructors to improve their courses for future years.

If you have any further questions or comments about BUGS course evaluations, please email the Director of Academic Affairs at
1. I am a student primarily studying... *
2. Did the lectures effectively teach you relevant information? *
2a. Please elaborate on your answer above. If yes, what in particular has been useful? If not, how could this be improved?
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3. Please rate how engaging you find the setup of this class to be. *
not engaging at all
very engaging
3a. How helpful are the active learning activities used by Dr Denis in improving your understanding of the course material? *
not helpful at all
very helpful
3b. Please provide any comments on, and/or improvements to, the active learning activities used by Dr Denis.
Your answer
3c. Beyond the active learning activities used by Dr Denis, do you have any suggestions about how to make the course setup more engaging?
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4. How clear have the instructors been in presenting the material? *
very unclear
very clear
5. Is there anything you would like to see changed in the instructors' presentation style or approach? (Can apply to one or multiple instructors.)
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6. Did you attend one or more of the tutorials offered by the TAs? *
6a. If yes, how helpful were the TA tutorials?
not helpful at all
very helpful
6b. How do you think TA support could be improved?
Your answer
7. Did you purchase NTCs for this course? *
7a. If yes, how helpful have they been in your studying?
not helpful at all
very helpful
7b. Do you have any improvements to suggest to the NTCs?
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8. How difficult did you find the midterm exam? *
too easy
too difficult
9. Were there any specific questions/topics on midterm that you would like to comment on?
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10. How did you find the length of the midterm exam? *
too short
too long
11. Further comments about the midterm?
Your answer
12. Please rate your overall experience with the course thus far. *
very poor course
very good course
13. In your opinion, how could this course be improved? *
Your answer
14. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with this course?
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