2019-2020 Orange County Inland Empire Alumni Association PSU Scholarship Application
Who is eligible?
Each year the Orange County & Inland Empire Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association awards scholarships to students living in Orange County and the Inland Empire who attend Penn State. Multiple scholarships are available.

The application is a required combination of:

• Personal Information
• Compositions
• Submission of your most recent College (or high school, if freshman) Transcripts

Your application must be completed in full via Google forms with a transcript submitted via email to dvewlf@hotmail.com in order to be considered for a scholarship. Qualified scholarship applicants must have:
 a 2.8 GPA or higher
 a permanent address in our Chapter area (Orange County or Inland Empire)
 no current sports scholarship from Penn State
 full-time student status as determined by university standards.

2019 Scholarship Timeline:

• All applications are due no later than July 22, 2019
• Transcripts MUST be emailed to David Wolfe: dvewlf@hotmail.com
• In late-July, a panel of Chapter Board Members will determine qualified finalists
• Selected names are submitted to Penn State University to verify eligibility
• By late August, Penn State will notify all confirmed recipients
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Local Address in Pennsylvania for 2019-2020 (if known) *
Class year you are entering Penn State in 2019 *
What is your current GPA? *
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Parents/Guardians Names *
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List any family member(s) that are Penn State alumni and include class year(s) *
Tell us about your extracurricular and community service activities. *
List any work experience, full and part-time including company, position, and dates. *
List your high school/college honors or distinctions. *
List any financial aid or scholarship you are currently receiving. *
List any OCIEA PSU Chapter events you or your family have attended in the past. *
OCIEA PSU offers a LionNotes program. Alumni volunteer to communicate with students throughout the year. Would you like to be partnered with an OCIEA alumni/friend/mentor to stay in touch with? *
What would it mean to you to receive this scholarship? *
Your personal thoughts are very important in the decision-making process. You need to write TWO compositions, one mandatory and one elective choice. The response is limited to 250 words. It is important that previous essays are not used. We are looking for honest and current responses.
Please choose ONE additional essay question. *
Choose ONE of the following essays to respond to. The response is limited to 250 words. It is important that previous essays are not used. We are looking for honest and current responses. (1)Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (2)Describe what stood out about Penn State compared to other schools you visited. (3)Describe how an event or decision changed your life. (4)How has Penn State changed you? (5)Which one individual has had the greatest influence in your life and how? (6)What surprised you most about Penn State?
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