Haskell Township Library Survey
In order to serve you better, please fill out this survey
How often do you visit the library?
If you have not visited the public library in the last year, which of the following reasons describes why?
What are your main reasons for using the library? ( check all that apply)
On your last visit did you find what you were looking for?
Do you usually find the books and other materials that you are looking for in the library?
Mark the reasons that explain why you did not get what you were looking for on your last visit
Mark all the items that describe the service you received.
How do you find out about what is happening at the library?
Overall, how satisfied are you with library services?
Please give us your thoughts on the service at the check-out desk.
Mark all areas in which you would like to see technology improved.
Please give us your thoughts on the area of service of availability of internet computers.
How frequently do you visit the library's website?
How important is the library as a community service?
What is the best time for you to use the library?
Mark all areas in which you would like to see the collection improved.
Why do you read books?
Are current materials useful, up-to-date, and are services satisfactory?
What types of fiction do you like to read?
What types of magazines do you like to read?
About Patron
Your age group
Do you have access to the internet at home?
Do you have children in your household?
Open Ended Questions
Please list any additions you feel the library could make to its collection of materials and services
Your answer
Please report any changes you feel the library should make in its services to the community.
Your answer
How does the library not meet your expectations?
Your answer
What do you like best about the library?
Your answer
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