Contribute Your performance to Boston Decompression 2017: Black & White

Location: The Steel Yard, 27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI 02909

Date: Saturday 18th, November 2017

All performers must fill out this application form to be considered for Boston Decompression 2017. This form is for non-fire and non-musical (bands & djs) performances. Those types of performances will need to be filled out in a different form.

This year the outdoor stage area is mostly for music/bands/DJ's, but let us know if you require a stage for your performance.

Decompression can offer the following gear to be made available to performers. A question in this form will ask you to confirm which (if any) pieces of equipment you will need for your performance.

AVAILABLE performance GEAR: multiple microphones, stands, stage monitors, and a technician to help with sound check and running performance.

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Decom hours are proposed as 4 PM to 1 AM, with performance scheduled throughout. If you have specific issues or considerations with regards to time slot, please specify here.
The proposed event hours are not finalized yet and could change.
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