Tuxedo Union Free School District - Fall 2020 "Return to Learn" Student Survey
Dear Tuxedo Student,

The Tuxedo Union Free School District, along with all Orange County Schools, is exploring the many different variables related to opening school in September. While the District will have a plan specific to the needs of Tuxedo, please remember, we must also incorporate new COVID-19 directives from Governor Cuomo, the NY State Education Department, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Orange County Health Department.

We are looking at possible scenarios for September, including:

(1) Traditional School with Health Guidelines and Checks in Place. This plan would involve students attending school within our buildings, on a traditional schedule, while implementing required state and local health guidelines.

(2) A continuation of a full time remote learning environment.

(3) A modified school schedule (e.g., school every other day) paired with remote learning, which allows for social distancing.

The reality is that we do not know which of these scenarios we will be faced with in September. And it very well could be that we are pivoting between some version of all three scenarios throughout the year. The most recent guidance indicates that NYS Education Department and the Board of Regents will set some protocols for the fall by the end of July. Then, based on District submitted plans and the current state of COVID-19 at that time, the Governor's final decisions should be made by the first week of August.

As part of the reopening plan that the Tuxedo UFSD will submit to the New York State Department of Education, we would like to determine the comfort level under each of these scenarios and the top concerns of our Tuxedo Families. We are particularly interested in knowing whether families would or would not send students back into the school environment and whether families would or would not make use of District transportation.

Please complete the following survey by July 20, 2020. Completing the survey provides the District with the current intentions of the Tuxedo Community and does not commit a family to their answers. The survey is truly a first attempt to assess the disposition of our Tuxedo population as it relates to the different September scenarios. Please note that the District considers the health and safety of its students and employees of utmost importance. The District will use the survey responses to better inform decisions; however, the District is not able to guarantee that each comment will be addressed in its final 2020-2021 school plan.

Thank you for your time in completing this critical survey.
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What grade will you be in during the 2020-2021 School Year?
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How much do you agree with this statement? If the District practiced social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, wearing of protective masks, and followed all state health guidelines upon our return, I would feel comfortable physically returning to school. *
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How much do you agree with this statement? Students should continue to learn remotely from home until COVID-19 is eradicated or until a vaccine is available. *
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If schools are mandated to continue distance learning, will you have an adult home to assist you? *
Which of the following social-emotional supports and interventions have you accessed over the past three months? *
During the 2020-2021 school year will you be receiving support through a 504, an IEP or get support services such as OT, PT, Speech and/or counseling? *
During the 2020-2021 school year will you be receiving support for English as a New Language (ENL)? *
During the 2019-2020 school year, I received AIS support. *
How often do you believe one-on-one Google Meets with your teacher would benefit you in a given week? *
What were the most successful strategies you used to communicate with your teacher during online learning?
Which of the following supports do you feel would be most helpful for your learning at home? Choose 3 *
I would like to see the following improvements to the District’s remote learning: *
This is what I think worked well with remote learning: *
How comfortable are you traveling to and from school on a school bus carrying a regular volume of students? *
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Would you be comfortable traveling to and from school on a school bus with social distancing in effect? *
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How comfortable are you with wearing a mask to school everyday? *
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If sports were allowed, including competing with other schools, would you allow your child to participate?
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Do you have any creative suggestions for how we could re-imagine school?
If you could add one question to this survey, what would it be?
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