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Code for Africa's digital Academy offers free online webinars and MOOC-style courses, alongside face-to-face training in an African city near you.

Our courses are all designed to give new practical digital skills, for people working in watchdog media, civil society and progressive government agencies.

If you're keen to learn a new skill, or brush up on an old one, register now for courses ranging from data literacy and digital journalism, to fact-checking and investigative research. We've also got a big focus on digital security and sustainability/business models. Registered participants are regularly invited to additional specialist workshops on topics such as how to use drones for civic good, or how to use low-cost sensors for citizen science (to monitor air/water quality), and how to tap into satellite imagery/data for everything from geo-journalism to monitoring conflict zones.

Launched in 2017, the initiative has been underwritten by a consortium of international partners that includes the Deutsche Welle Akademie, the Google News Initiative, Meedan and the World Bank. The courses are designed and presented by industry experts, using open data and open source toolkits. 

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The Academy has structured its courses around the five key themes. The following questions will help us understand which ones you're most interested, and whether we're missing important topics.
1.) Data Literacy : an introduction to data skills for storytelling, government and activism. *
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2.) Digital Research : digital skills for finding and researching information online. *
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3.) Digital Storytelling : skills for telling compelling digital stories, using everything from infographics to social video. *
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4.) Digital Engagement : techniques for building your audiences while boosting your impact and reach. *
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5.) Digital Sustainability : business models and tools for strengthening your initiative's viability and sustainability. *
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6.) Digital Security : ways to protect yourself and your organisation from hacking, digital attacks, and censorship. *
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