T32 Trainee End of Program Survey
Please complete the following survey about your T32 experience
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Please rate your responses with 1= strongly disagree and 5= strongly agree.

As a result of going through this program, I have been able to improve the way I do research. *
I have made advancements in the lab using the information learned in this program. *
This program has given me a better understanding of cancer, its diagnosis, and/or treatment. *
The required coursework was relevant and helpful to my research. *
This program lead me to think more creatively about my research. *
Professional Development
Please rate your responses with 1= strongly disagree and 5= strongly agree.

The training program was relevant to my growth and development. *
I had a great working relationship with my T32 cohort. *
Collaborating with my cohort in Journal Club gave me and interdisciplinary perspective of research. *
This program made me feel like a part of a scientific community. *
Being a part of this program will have a long term, positive effect on my thesis. *
I have/will publish a paper in relation to my work during the T32 program. *
I will be supported by my own award after I leave the T32. *
Please rate your responses with 1= very dissatisfied and 5= very satisfied.

The application process *
Support and guidance from program staff. *
My relationship with my research mentor. *
Support and guidance from cohort. *
The Xtrain/ERA Commons Process (NIH appointment). *
Please list the strengths of the program
Please provide suggestions for ways the program can be improved
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