New Outdoor Programs Survey
UNC Carolina Adventures is re-imagining what programs we want to offer in the coming semesters. We'd like to branch out and the most important part of doing that is YOU! Thanks for taking a minute to tell us what expedition trips you'd like to see
Which Friday Night Program interests you the most?
Which Overnight Trip most interests you?
Which Free Program Would you be excited to attend?
What type of Fall / Spring break trip would you be excited about?
What Types of Programs Should We Consider In The Future?
If you identify as a Female would you be interested in an All-Women's trip led by Female trip leaders?
Here's your chance, if there's one (or more) program from the lists above that you didn't choose as your #1 but still really want to do what would it be? Any other programs we should consider?
Your answer
Did you attend WAFFY's? (First Year Wilderness program)
If you didn't attend WAFFY's, why not? (select all that apply)
Would you be interested in renting equipment from the O.E.C. and if so, what would you want to rent? (select all that apply)
Do you know of any campus groups that might be interested in a custom program? We're interested in branching out and would love to learn more!
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Thanks for taking our survey! Enter your email below for a chance to win a free 1-Day trip OR $50 credit towards buying outdoor gear! Please indicate which prize you want!
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