Do you know your Title IX rights?
The #MeToo movement has brought discussions of sexual harassment and assault into the spotlight across the country. The Missourian wants to see how much MU students know about their how Title IX protects them from sexual assault, harassment and discrimination.

Take the following quiz to test your knowledge. The questions below are based on information in MU's Not Anymore student training and policies on the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX website. Responses are anonymous and will not be published.
What year are you at MU? *
What is your gender? *
Sexual assault includes any sexual activity performed without consent. *
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The majority of sexual assaults are committed by strangers. *
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Select all the behaviors that are considered sexual harassment: *
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Students are protected from sexual harassment, discrimination and misconduct in off-campus settings related to education or employment, such as internships. *
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MU’s Student Health Center, Counseling Center and RSVP Center are required to share student reports and information with the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX. *
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