Astral + Gen Con Online Event Sponsorship
Are you looking to participate in Gen Con Online this year? Better yet, are you hosting your own event using Astral?

We are looking to sponsor GMs and streamers who are using Astral to host their events for Gen Con Online.

In return, we would like to award you a free month of Pro on us plus cool extras like special Gen Con badges and Pro subscriptions to gift to friends.

To be eligible, you should first submit an event for Gen Con Online using the "New Event" form ( Then proceed to fill out the form below so we can promote your event during Gen Con Online, July 30 - Aug 2!

If you plan on running multiple events, please include all links in the "Gen Con Event Link" field below.
Email *
Please ensure this is the same email you use to sign-in to Astral. This will be the account we award Pro to.
Gen Con Event Link *
Provide the links to your Gen Con event so we can promote it. This can be a link generated from the "New Event" form or a link to a Twitch channel. If you have multiple events, please include all the links in the field below.
What event are you running? *
Tell us about your event
When is your event? *
Be sure the date is between July 30 and Aug 2
Would you like us to promote your event? *
We will post your event on the Astral + Gen Con Online 2020 ( landing page and can promote your event on social media.
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