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We're going to use this information to create and curate valuable resources and inspirational publications for EAs and PAs.

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Which job title best describes your role at work?
What apps/platforms would you recommend to other assistants?
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Do you consider yourself to be "tech savvy"?
Which of the following email software clients do you use to access work and personal emails?
tick all that you use - I'll let you know some great tricks for the ones you do!
Are you happy with the time you spend on your own personal development?
Would you listen to a podcast created for executive and personal assistants?
Do you have any habits that can make you unproductive?
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What do you wish you had, or knew, right now to make your job easier?
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Do you have a #ProudPA or #PApower style story where you "saved the day" or displayed detective style skills to get the job done?
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Are you interested in learning how to become a master at using technology to automate part/s of your role?
What are the first parts of your role you would automate if you knew how?
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Are you interested in learning how to manage the online profile/brand/marketing of the person you support (e.g. personal social media accounts, online blog, establishment as a Thought Leader SEO/search results)?
Are you interested in learning how to become a master at managing the inbox of the person you support?
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