The 2021 Walk For Our Grandchildren
Thank you for registering for The 2021 Walk for Our Grandchildren!
We are still planning specific details for the route, where we will meet and park, what days we will be where, etc. By filling out this registration, you can stay informed about any additional details and changes, so that we can all be prepared to walk for a brighter future. For more information check our website:
To contact an organizer directly please email Steve Norris at
Walker's Contributions to Walk Expenses
For the Walk to be successful, our goal is to raise about $25,000 to publicize the event and provide food, shelter, transport, medical care and art supplies. Much of this money will come from supporters who won't be walking, but are supporting us along the way. In addition, we're asking Walkers who can to contribute on a sliding scale--anywhere from zero to $30 per day of walking--to help pay expenses. When you register, please indicate what you may be able to contribute at the end of your registration. Walkers can pay by using our donation site ( We will also be accepting donations during the Walk. THANK YOU for your contributions!

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Are you planning to walk all of the route or part of the route? If only part- which part are you looking to walk? Are you looking to attend for one day or multiple days? *
Food on the walk will be provided by the Seeds of Peace mobile kitchen, which specializes in excellent tasty vegetarian food. Do you have any dietary restrictions? Please bring any and all medications you may need. *
Are you vaccinated. If not, why not? (we require all participants to be vaccinated unless they do not have access to it, as is the situation with young children). *
There may be an 'arrestable' action in Wilmington on June 28 at the end of the Walk. We are not asking for a commitment now. But might you be willing to risk arrest? Could you perform a non-arrestable support role?
Do you have needs for special assistance as part of walking or other Walk activities?
What sort of housing needs do you have? Depending on the section of the Walk we may have more or less access to indoor housing. But we will try to meet needs for folks as possible! *
Do you have a child or children who might want to participate? If so, what special attention or assistance might they or you need?
Do you have a vehicle that might be used to transport people or supplies?
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Do you know of, or can you offer a space for gathering and/or sleeping?
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Do you have any skills which might be useful on the Walk e.g., medical, photography, music, blogging, experience with media?
Have you made a contribution to our donation page to pay for transportation, food and other necessary supplies? Donate here: *
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