Dance Marathon Board of Director Application

Please fill out this application entirely. The application is due March 29, 2013 at 5:00pm. Interviews will be completed April 1-5 2013. If you are chosen as a director, you will be expected to attend the mandatory retreat April 13-14 2013.


i. Campus Relations
1. Plan medium-sized fundraising events (with campus organizations) with purpose of raising money and NCSUDM awareness, i.e. Date Auction, Concerts, etc.
2. Constantly look to create new events for NCSUDM
3. Form relationships with different groups on campus, encourage the groups to attend meetings, fundraise, and raise team membership

ii. Catering
1. Develop relationships with catering sponsors and acquire all food for the marathon for over 1000 dancers, as well as, any other NCSUDM sponsored events catering needs

iii. Community Outreach
1. Contact and work with local non-profit organizations such as churches, YMCA's, youth centers, and raleigh parks/events (State Fair, etc.) to set up Dance Marathon fundraising opportunities.
2. Solicit local high schools/middle schools/elementary schools to hold mini-marathons and oversee their development.

iv. Corporate Relations
1. Contact national, state, and local businesses to acquire marathon donations and sponsorships
2. Update marketing packet and make sure all sponsors received their promised benefits
3. Maintain relationships with sponsors from previous years

v. Dancer Relations
1. Coordinate Dancer Team Captains and dancer database/ listserv
2. Responsible for relaying information to Team Captains and dancers
3. Manage and create Miracle Cup competition between groups on campus
4. Coordinate the Dancer Packages to be given to dancers at the marathon
5. Organize Miracle Week (Dance Recruitment Week) alongside Morale

vi. Entertainment
1. Solicit DJ, bands, speakers, and alternative acts for the entire marathon
2. DJ/bands for any NCSUDM event, i.e. spring/fall concert, date auction, and celebrations
3. Promote bands that will be playing at the marathon

vii. Fundraising
1. Organize entire council off-campus, fundraising opportunities
2. Provide Dancer Relations with fundraising opportunities for dancers
3. Organize Fall and Spring Council-wide Canning Extravaganzas, i.e. canning on campus, athletics, etc.

viii. Greek Relations
1. Plan Greek Incentive Program to encourage participation from Greek Houses
2. Talk to chapters and councils about partnership opportunities and help organize Greek events
3. Keep chapters in contact bus speaking with and meeting every chapter (Pan-Hellenic, NPHC, IFC, MCG) for all NCSUDM programs

ix. Hospital
1. Work with Duke Children's Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network to plan events
2. Communicate with Miracle Families, and help Marketing create and implement Miracle Stories, etc.

x. Marketing
1. Coordinate production and distribution of marathon videos, program, press kits, and press releases
2. Promote large scale events i.e. the marathon, golf outing, gala, etc.
3. Coordinate ALL campus promotional activities: chalking, blitzing, fliers, and promotional tables at fairs
4. Work with the student affairs to ensure NCSUDM a part of the Homecoming festivities/welcome week

xi. Morale
1. Create NCSUDM line dance
2. Develop games and other entertainment for dancers at the marathon
3. Perform, along with Campus /Greek Relations, and Dancer Relations – Dancer Recruitment and Miracle Week
4. Plan the opening and closing Dance Marathon ceremony
5. Be the support role and liaison for other directors leading up to the marathon using moralers

xii. Operations
1. Organize layout, setup, and tear down of the marathon
2. Coordinate security efforts at the marathon
3. Work with SORC/Carmichael/etc.

xiii. Special Events
1. Plan Dance Marathon Specific Fundraising Events, such as Concert, Golf Outing, Tournaments, Concert, Date Auction, etc.
2. Create new events adding to the overall goal of NCSUDM
3. Help plan small events that will be taking place during the marathon (color group competitions)
4. Be the support role and liaison for other directors leading up to the marathon

xiv. Technology
1. Maintain and constantly update the NCSUDM website
2. Responsible for all electronics within the NCSUDM office
3. Set up and manage the DonorDrive website as well as all social media platforms.
4. Manage all Dance Marathon day-of programming, including recap video, photographers
5. Help set up video/av, coordination on campers and set-up of operations

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