Extension of Yale-NUS Fitness Centre operating hours
In response to feedback received regarding the possibility of extending the operating hours of Yale-NUS College's Fitness Centre, this poll will serve as:
(i) a feasibility study, and
(ii) supporting document that there is an adequate demand for the said extension.

There must be a considerable demand for the extension of operating hours for this proposal to work.

Based on this results, I will write a viable proposal to be presented to Athletics Department and Infrastructure.

Thank you very much for your time! :)

Brandon Lee

Which Class are you from? *
Which College are you from? *
On average, how frequently do you use the Fitness Centre? *
On average, how much time do you spend in the Fitness Centre? *
At which timing do you usually use the Fitness Centre? (You may choose more than 1 response) *
Do you see the need for an extension of Fitness Centre operating hours beyond the current 12 midnight? *
Would you like to use the Fitness Centre after 12 midnight? *
If you would like to use the Fitness Centre after 12 midnight, at what time will you likely do your workout? (you may select more than one response) *
The 2 main reasons why the Fitness Centre closes at the current 12 midnight are because (1) should there be any accidents or emergencies past midnight, it will very likely go unobserved due to the low traffic, as well as (2) incidents of drunk students injuring themselves or others in the Fitness Centre. Do you have any suggestions to get around these issues? (your feedback will help me in drafting a viable proposal to Infrastructure and Athletics Department) *
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Any other feedback?
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