2021 - 2022 Production Application
Production Job Breakdowns -

1. Assistant Director: Collaborating with the director, blocking some of the play's movements, leading rehearsals with the director, and monitoring the production's pacing.

2. Stage Manager: Organizes the day to day running of a production from rehearsals to performances. They communicate with the full company and organize to ensure the smooth running of a production. Stage Manager will make sure all cast members are present at the start of each rehearsal, and will take staging/technical notes during rehearsal.

3. Assistant Stage Manager: Works closely to assist and support the Stage Manager. This can include attending production meetings, running rehearsals, organization, and insuring the smooth execution of the performances. They will also help take staging/technical notes during rehearsal.

4. Costume Crew: They will assist the director with costume selections, as well as making & altering costume pieces as necessary. Sewing experience is not required. They sometimes will assist actors in changing costumes, keeping track of costume pieces, and fixing costume issues during the show.

5. Makeup/Hair Crew: They will assist the director with makeup/hair. This job may include styling wigs or designing makeup for cast members. During the performances, they may help with applying and touching up makeup or hair.

6. Props Crew: They will assist the director with prop selections, as well as making props as needed. They work with the stage management team to organize all props. Responsible for returning all borrowed props at the end of the production.

As part of the Production Crew, you will enroll in the 9th Period Production Class for VPA & A-E Credit! You will be required to work a certain number of hours per week as part of the class. Hours will be flexible to your schedule/conflicts. This class is not part of the 0-6 schedule, and will not interfere with your other classes/electives. This is an opportunity to join and support the Drama Department if you are unable to during the regular school day!
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