Student Survey (Spring 2019)
This survey will help us to judge and improve our school. You will not be identified. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible - thank you for you help.
What year are you in?
Are you a male or female?
How proud are you of RGS?
How much say do you have in decisions related to your learning?
How much say do you have in decisions related to your well-being?
Do you feel that you demonstrate good levels of the 6R's?
If you answered "Yes" or "True sometimes" to the previous question, can you give an example of how you demonstrated this? If you answered "No" can you explain why not?
Your answer
Do you have a strong sense of your own well-being?
Does RGS help you to develop your ability to work with and get on with others?
I feel prepared for the next stage of my education (eg next year, GCSE, 6th Form, College, Uni) or employment.
In relation to reading, which statement best describes you?
I feel safe in school
If I need help or guidance I know who to go to
Please add any additional constructive comments that you may have about care, guidance, support and personal development at RGS
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