Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice Congregational Accompaniment Form 2019
IMIrJ, the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice, is a vibrant and growing community of diverse faith communities, faith leaders, and individuals, led by love and committed to advancing immigrant justice. Founded in 2006, IMIrJ is in relationship with leaders from over 140 congregations throughout the state of Oregon.

We steward the mission and vision of the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice together, recognizing the diversity of gifts among us. We invite congregations and individuals to prayerfully consider how they will help grow our capacity to transform policies, hearts and minds through their leadership, faithful presence, and financial contributions.

We are asking every congregation connected to IMIrJ to fill out this form by April 15, 2019 in order to help us accompany one another and more effectively advance immigrant justice in the Pacific Northwest.

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What is your denomination? (if applicable)
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How long has your congregation been connected to IMIrJ?
What is the number of people in your congregation (approximately)?
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How many people from your congregation are actively involved in immigrant justice?
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Do you have a "Sanctuary Team" or some other leadership body or committee where immigrant justice work happens?
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Would you like your congregation listed on the IMIrJ website?
We are interested in (check all that apply)
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Accompaniment Training (Immigrant Solidarity Network letter writing, physical accompaniment to ICE check-ins and court appointments)
Accompaniment Training for Bilingual/Bicultural Leaders
Leading a Vigil (Bringing elements of your faith tradition to a public witness/action)
English to Spanish Document Translation Team (Help us ensure that all of our documents are available in both english and spanish)
Clergy Ready Bench (Relational space for clergy to discern, strategize, and rapidly respond)
Political Advocacy (Building relationships with local, state, and federal legislators to amplify voices of immigrants and invite them take courageous action)
Denominational Organizing (Building the capacity of your regional and national denomination to advance immigrant justice)
Organizer Training (Grow in your leadership through the art of community organizing)
Quarterly Gathering Design Team (Help plan meaningful and dynamic gatherings in your area)
Becoming a Sanctuary Congregation (Make a public declaration of Sanctuary)
Development Team (Grow the financial capacity of IMIrJ)
We have publicly declared ourselves a Sanctuary Congregation.
Are there any other public social justice commitments your congregation has made? (e.g. "Green Congregation" or "Open and Affirming")
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Become a Steward of IMIrJ's Mission & Vision
Stewards give at a sliding scale of $250 to $2500 annually depending on the congregation’s size and capacity. While there is no set dollar amount connected to congregational size, we invite teams to select an an amount that works for your budget and goals for immigrant justice. In mutuality, IMIrJ staff and leaders commit to accompanying your congregation as you faithfully and courageously answer the call to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees.
We commit to being a steward in 2019 and our financial contribution for the year will be:
Reflecting on Immigrant Justice this Past Year...
What were some of the heart-strengthening moments for your congregation?
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What were some of the moments of challenge for your congregation?
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What were some of the moments of growth for your congregation?
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Looking at the Year Ahead...
In what ways do you feel called to faithfully and courageously advance immigrant justice? What might some goals be for your team/congregation in the year ahead?
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How can IMIrJ staff and leaders accompany your congregation to accomplish your goals?
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