The Big Atlantic Ocean Crew & Captain Sailing Survey
Hello Atlantic Ocean Sailors!

Thank you for taking your time to check this out! If you have sailed across the Atlantic as crew (or attempted) or captain, I'd love to hear from you!

The survey is meant to get a better idea about the current state and recent experiences on crewing, crew finding, the weather, and environment. I did this survey two years ago and collected data from 90 Captains and Crew on their lessons learned. Now I'm updating and expanding the data. Your input will help on getting (aspiring) crew well informed and prepared for an Atlantic Crossing. Additionally, the survey helps to get some insights on how sailors are making a difference for a healthier ocean.

The data will be published in the second edition of Ocean Nomad: The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide - How to Catch a Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean.

Would you like to help and answer a few questions? If there's questions you rather not answer or don't remember, no worries, skip it. If you don't remember certain details, skip the question. If you have done more crossings, include the details on the latest. Your answers will stay fully anonymous, unless you indicate otherwise.

THANK YOU for your contribution!

As a thank you for the efforts, you'll go in the bucket for the chance to win book Ocean Nomad!
Amongst the respondents I'll give away:
- 5 x Ocean Nomad E-Book
- 1 x Colour Print Copy

Ahoy! Suzanne
To learn more about the book:

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