Posh N Sip Host Application Form
Thank you for your interest in Hosting a Posh N Sip in your local area! We ask that you please read through the guidelines while you fill out the application form.

For all other information in regards to the Posh N Sip program & upcoming community meet-ups, check out our blog:
- Select the date, location, other co-hosts (if any)
- Create a listing in your closet to announce your meet-up to the community
- Brand the listing as Posh N Sip
- After your Posh N Sip, update your listing with pictures from your event
- Share the fun with at least one group photo from your event on social media and use the hashtag #PoshNSip
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If you are not the primary host, you will not need to fill out this form. Only one application per Posh N Sip.
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Poshmark only provides support to Posh N Sips hosted by Poshers who are in good standing with our policies and guidelines. We ask that you keep this in mind when applying to be a host and selecting co-hosts.
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Date of your Posh N Sip *
A minimum of 21 days notice is required in order to guarantee that your decor swag box will arrive on time.
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Enter N/A if you do not have co-hosts.
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Full Street Address, City, Province, Postal Code
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We will reach out to you after we have reviewed the status of your Posh N Sip application. Once your Posh N Sip request is approved, we will:
- Send you a kit of Poshmark-branded items for decor (pencils, pins, cards, stickers, balloons, etc.) + eligible milestone swag
- Send you the digital files of the Poshmark branded name tags and the Poshmark banner
- Share your Posh N Sip listing on Twitter, by @pm_editor & @pm_editor_ca on Poshmark, and list it on our Posh N Sip blog page
- Feature your Posh N Sip monthly recap blog post
We recommend double checking that the above information is true and correct before submitting. Thank you for your interest!
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Post About your Posh N Sip in your closet, and we'll link back to it on our blog and Twitter! (Enter link to your listing below) *
This is super important because its the best way for us to invite other Poshers to your event! Find a super cute template at http://bit.ly/2HheMjc
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