Application for Principal's Leadership Council
Dear Trottier Students,

We are launching our first ever Trottier Principal's Leadership Council. This council will assist Principal Lavoie and Assistant Principal Hreschuk in making decisions about school policy, procedures, and school events. Interested students should make an appointment with Mrs. Lipkin to be interviewed by Mr. Lavoie.

To prepare for the interview, students should review and submit answers to the questions below.

Students that complete and submit this application are expressing thier interest to be part of the Principal's Leadership Council.

We are looking for a group of 2-3 student leaders from each grade that are willing to commit to the Council.

We will be meeting 2-3 mornings a month from 7 am to 7:55 am.

Let me know if you have any questions ---

Mr. Lavoie
Student Name *
Grade Level *
What is your definition of leadership? *
Why do you want to represent your grade on this council? *
What do you like about being a student at Trottier Middle School? *
What would you change about Trottier Middle School? *
What are your future goals about being a leader? *
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