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Please FILL this form so that we can speed-up the process of recruitment. This form helps us
A) to know your skills and aptitude better so that we can place you more accurately
B) save time for detailed interviews

AFTER you click on the submit button, we will
1) evaluate your application
2) call you for a demo on a class from what you have chosen (teachers) OR in the office (as per your vocation)
3) if the demo is impressive, we will have a brief chat on the same day to discuss our terms and conditions of employment
4) if you agree to the terms, you will have a final interview with the management for your appointment

So all you have to DO is
a) fill this form (may take about 15 m)
b) if you lose net connection, you may continue filling and submit only when the net connection is back
c) if power fails, please restart the process
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Were you ever married? Do you have any children? *
While an unmarried person can devote a lot of time, a "parent" can understand the students better.
What is your highest educational qualification? i.e. The last major exam you gave. *
This does not include your qualification as a teacher. If you have any other professional diplomas (other than teaching qualifications) please mention them in "Other"
What was your subject / stream at the final year of this qualification? *
e.g. - if you have completed school then Science or Art; if you have done a MSc, then Physics or Chemistry or Astronomy, etc.
What is your qualification as a teacher or as a staff in a school environment? *
You can choose more than one.
What is your experience in a school? What role(s) have you played? *
Tick all the options that apply to you. We are always looking for experience, however, versatile or motivated people can also make great teachers / administrators, even if they lack experience. Please note that tuition classes do not count.
What position / role are you applying for? *
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What are your views on education? Tick all that apply. *
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