Feedback for the 2019 ACHS Graduation Ceremony
We would like feedback pertaining to the 2019 ACHS graduation ceremony. Please answer each question as honestly as possible. Only answer if you were physically at the event.
Are you a 2019 graduate, parent/guardian, other family member, current student of ACHS who is still enrolled, Anderson Co. Schools staff member, or other? *
Overall, how would you rate this event? *
Please state three things that you liked most about the event.
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Please state three things that you disliked about the event
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Please rate the following aspects of the event.
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Speakers/Sound Quality *
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How organized was the event? *
If you answered the previous question as somewhat organized, not so organized, or not at all organized; what do you feel made the event organization less than very organized?
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What do you feel made the organization of the event extremely organized or very organized?
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How much pre-event information was provided to you to help you better understand the event? *
Do you receive school information via the one call system, social media, district/school website, newspaper, or your student? *
How would you rate the event length of time? *
How do you think this event could be improved?
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