Garden Fest 2015 - Vendor & Application
The inaugural Culture Nugget Garden Fest will take place in the square surrounding Garden Cafe from 3pm to 9pm on Labor Day, Sept. 7th, 2015. There will be live music, theater, craft beer and food, workshops and local vendors.

Applications are due 30 days before the event (August 7th), and all booth fees are due 2 weeks before the event. Booth fees can be paid via PayPal to or call 214-883-9982 with your credit card information.

Garden Cafe
5310 Junius Street
Dallas, TX 75214

Application Instructions:

-Complete the vendor application and sign the vendor statement.
-Submit application form via the link below.
-We will respond within 10 days of your application regarding to acceptance status and an invoice for booth fees if necessary.
-Applying as a vendor or workshop does not guarantee acceptance.

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All booth spaces are outdoors. Vendors will be responsible for their own tent, tables, chairs, and setup.
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By submitting my name below, I hereby agree that I have obtained and provided copies of all necessary licenses and permits required to distribute or offer for sale all products I will selling at the market. Further, I shall indemnify, keep and save harmless Little D Markets, LLC, and all agencies with which Little D Markets has agreed to work with, including the City of Dallas, Culture Nugget, and Garden Cafe, from and against any and all claims and demands, whether for injuries to persons or loss of life, damage to property on or off the premises arising out of the use or occupancy of the premises by Vendor, and those injuries and damages arising out of Vendors acts or omissions, and shall defend, at Vendor’s own expense, any actions brought against Little D Markets and any of the above-mentioned organizations or entities, or any other person, employee, agents or organizations with which Little D Markets has a contractual relationship. Please submit electronic signature below.
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