Pet parents & residents
The survey you are about to complete is to help me understand the enthusiasm, or lack there of, of pet parents/ guardians and those that do not have any pets in their household for the protection of stray and feral cats and dogs in our communities.

**Please note that I will not be using any personal information that you give here to target you for any unsolicited emails or advertising. The survey is being conducted solely for my curiosity and to help me begin a UI/ UX design process on creating a possible solution to help our friendly felines & canines that share our planet with us. All information given will be used to create an objective persona for a pet parent and a non-pet parent that has no real bearing in mind to any actual rescue.**
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1. Are you a pet parent? *
2. Are you a non-pet parent? (If you've answered yes, then skip to question #6.) *
3. Did you adopt or buy your pet? *
4. If you bought your pet, where from?
5. If you adopted your pet, where from?
6. In your opinion, which is better? Adoption or buying a pet? *
7; How do you feel about animal rescues and shelters? *
8. Do you think animal rescues and shelters are safe for pet? *
9. If you, as a pet parent, had to re-home your pet, would you trust a shelter or rescue with re-homing her/ him?
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10. If you answered "Yes" to question #9, name the rescue/ shelter that you would give your pet to re-home.
11. If you answered "No" to question #9, then let me know how you would re-home your pet.
12. What is your opinion of feral & stray cats and dogs? *
13. Have you ever come across an injured feral or stray cat or dog on the street? *
14. If you answered "Yes" to question #13, what action did you take?
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15. Depending on what your answer was to question #14, how did you feel after taking the action that you did? (Check all that apply.)
16. Are you aware of the plight of feral and stray cats and dogs in your local community? *
17. If you answered "Yes", then please describe what you as a local resident are doing to help.
18. If you answered "No", then why do you think that is?
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19. Do you think there should be laws created to safeguard ferals & strays? *
20. Do you think those that abuse strays & ferals should serve jail time? *
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