Online Training and Rehab Application
1. This application is to determine if you are a good candidate to work with me 1-on-1 online to help you achieve whatever physical goals you have as well as help you understand how your body works and what you can do to reduce pain, improve mobility, overcome weakness, recover from nagging or new injuries, and to identify and overcome any obstacles that stand in the way.

2. ALL applications will be reviewed and given a response. If you do not receive an email response within 48 hours, please check your SPAM folder via email.  If you still do not see a response in your SPAM folder, please reach out to me via the above email or social media and let me know!

3. If you are not accepted into the program, I will be more than happy to help you find the resources that will best fit your needs.

4. Your time is valuable, as is mine, so please be accurate and thorough with your answers so that I can best help you!
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What is your name? (First and Last) *
What is the best EMAIL address to contact you at? *
What is your Instagram username? *
What is your phone number? (Please include your AREA code if in the US, and please include your COUNTRY code if not in the US) *
Are you filling out this application to set up a 1-time virtual consultation OR a comprehensive monthly 1-on-1 personalized rehab, training, or fitness coaching program? *
What are the current problems or issues you're dealing with that caused you to reach out to me for help? *
What have you tried up until this point to help you solve those problems you mentioned above? *
How much $$$ USD do you think you have spent on this issue up until this point? *
Why do you think that these efforts have been ineffective? *
If you woke up tomorrow and your issue was completely gone/fixed, what is 1 thing that you would be most excited to get back to doing (or start doing)? *
What would your dream life look like if you didn't have this issue/problem? *
Have you tried online rehab or a virtual coach before? *
If YES, how was your experience?
Why do you want to work with me rather than someone else? *
What would you ideally need from me in order to achieve your goals? *
I receive many applications and some applicants are more motivated than others. Are you a committed, highly motivated individual that is seriously ready to commit to a plan and will value the impact that a customized program and guidance from a movement/rehab expert can have on your life? *
Most rehab, fitness, functional, and performance goals take at LEAST 3+ months to achieve (many times longer), especially if you have been dealing with the issue(s) for some time already. Because of this, some individuals struggle to stay patient and consistent throughout the process. If you knew that you would achieve your goal(s) if you committed to at least 3 months of a focused and individualized program, would you be able to handle that duration? *
My 1-on-1 personalized rehab, training, and fitness coaching costs $399.99 USD per month, with discounts available if you purchase a multi-month package.

1-time virtual consultations cost $199.99 USD.

Are you able to make the above investment for the option you are pursuing?
If there is any other information that you think would be good for me to know, please tell me below: *
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