Wild Womb - Day 1 - Divine Fire Intro
Hello love,

Here's the coaching sheet for Wild Womb Course - Day 1 - Divine Fire!

You can write the questions down in your journal or fill in the boxes to receive a digital copy sent straight to your email once you've completed it!

Have fun!
Lisy xo

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What did the adults or teachers in your childhood/teenage think of free spirits, artists, rebels, mad geniuses? How do these beliefs still play out in your life right now? *
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Make a list of the people who stifled your creative expression, your innovative ideas or your wild spirited nature? What words or emotions come up when you think back? *
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Great, now let's allow the Hawaiian Process of Ho'oponopono come in to guide and heal these stories. Coming back to your full power is your responsibility, but also your birthrigh. Imagine all those people standing in front of you 1 by 1 and say out loud. I'M SORRY - PLEASE FORGIVE ME - THANK YOU - I LOVE YOU. Take as much time as you need. Move to the next one when you feel a sense of detachment or shift. Make any relevant annotations below. *
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