WUPJ Editor Application
The WUPJ is an undergraduate research journal that publishes papers in the areas of brain and behaviour. We are looking for a team of committed, detail-oriented editors to collaborate on our 2018 issue. Join us to partake in our 8-year tradition of fostering a unique skillset of academic writing, resourcefulness, and critical thinking skills in both the students whose work we publish and in our editorial team.


Have you taken Research Methods 2800? (Don't worry if you haven't.)
Please state your general areas of interest within psychology.
Please state any relevant experience you have with writing, editing, and/or research, as well as any relevant extracurricular experience.
Why are you interested in becoming an editor? What do you expect to gain from this experience? (approx. 250 words)
What external commitments (labs, clubs, sports, etc.) do you have this year? If so, approximately how many hours in total do they require per week?
Please attach a sample of your academic writing (min. 500 words). If you cannot provide one, please attach a writing sample that most closely resembles the style of scientific writing.
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