Submission: Blocked Micro-grant
We are looking for artists who identify as disabled and have experiences of difficulty navigating through public space due to mobility issues, and related experiences of social isolation.

"The feeling of not belonging because of poor design when journeying through public space.
The feeling of having to risk personal safety to participate.
A sense of friction or weight left in the mind that affects the desire to move through public space."

We want to explore this feeling of having your world blocked by bad design or indirectly through other people's actions. While we want to change the world we also value making art and finding ways to deal with the reality of the stupid cities we have to live in right now.

We are seeking to build a body of disability-led creative, artwork that explores this theme. Chosen submissions will feature as part of a showcase to take place this autumn, dates pending.

We are looking for visual, video or text based work around this theme, and have 3 microgrants of £300 to offer for artists.

As part of this process we ask, do you have a small image, poem, vocal/video clip or paragraph of writing that you may wish to submit to our online gallery? Please feel free to upload content if you wish, as we would love to build a wider body of work than our grants allow but we will not judge your application on your decision to submit work.

We are offering the grants as a platform for artists to discuss this theme. This can take the form of interactive media, digital, writing, poetry, graphic works, drawing, painting, sound or video.

We are not expecting large scale works as we realise that the money on offer is very small so please do not feel the need to pitch unrealistically complex projects.

The content will be shared online and in our showcase, becoming part of an ongoing collection of toured work.

Deadline for submissions is **Monday 11th May 2020**

If submission via this online form is not suitable for you please, send us an email to arrange an alternative.

For further info please visit
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