Critical Fan Toolkit: Your Experience!
Thank you for agreeing to beta the Critical Fan Toolkit (, Cara Marta Messina's digital and open-access dissertation.

In fandoms, beta-ing means a text being reviewed/edited before being shared publicly. The CFT has already been public, but users' input is ALWAYS important and, unlike how publishing fanfiction often works, websites are often edited constantly to meet users' needs.

For this survey, please go through the Critical Fan Toolkit and think about your experience on the website. What do you find interesting? What would you like to see more of? What may be challenging or hard to navigate? Are there any weird bugs?

Then, fill out this survey to provide your feedback!

I much appreciate any feedback offered and will take it into consideration as I finalize my dissertation and continue to edit it in the future. Your responses will only be seen by me!

Thank you!

Cara Marta Messina
PhD Candidate at the Northeastern University English Department (Writing & Rhetoric)
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Your name for the acknowledgements section (only if you want to be included).
Do you identify as a fan, scholar, or teacher? You can also identify as multiple, as I do!
How easy do you find navigating the CFT (is information located where it should be? Did you know what you would get when you clicked on a particular page?)
Not easy at all
Very easy
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Briefly describe your experience navigating the CFT. What did you find intuitive? What did you find more challenging to understand? Also, did you encounter any bugs/errors?
Do you find the CFT aesthetically pleasing?
Ugly :(
Very pleasing!
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Did you enjoy looking through the CFT?
I did not enjoy it
I did enjoy it!
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Please describe your initial response to the overall look/feel of the CFT. If you have any feedback or ideas, those are welcome here too!
Did you learn anything from looking through the CFT?
I learned nothing
I did learn stuff!
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How likely are you to use the CFT in your work (fandom practices, teaching, and/or research)?
I will never use it
I will definitely use it!
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If you imagine using the CFT in the future, can you tell me a bit how you may use it?
Do you have any other thoughts or feedback you would like to share?
Share your data analysis!
If you went through some of the data, such as the interviews or the visualizations, feel free to share your analysis here!
Are you interested in participating in a brief follow-up discussion? If so, please share your email!
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