Summer Camp 2019 ☀️
Due to the success of last year's Summer Camp, we are organizing another one for 2019. The camp will have very similar features to last year's camp, but we want your opinion about adding certain elements, such as making it an overnight camp or just a day camp (as we did last year) and whether to offer the children's families a simultaneous experience, but in a separate and different setting (for example having a women's retreat on alternative healing methods).

The children will still visit different sites every day, which will allow them to experience and learn about the Costa Rican culture, the natural environment (rivers and mountains), animals (farm animals such as water buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. etc. and wildlife), arts (two local artists' studios and create their own art), sports (soccer, horse-back riding, swimming), food (they get to make tortillas and other typical foods), practice Spanish as a second Language games, beekeeping, dairy farm (learn to make cheese), sugar/candy- making, and much more. The children would all be housed at the Center and supervised 24-hrs by camp counselors. A nurse would be present to administer any necessary medications. In addition, Alex, Stuart and I would also be involved as always.

We want the Summer Camp 2019 to the best it can be, so we need your opinion on it ! It truly should just take you a couple of minutes to fill out the form below.

Learning about beekeeping:
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Would you be more interested in a Family Camp ? (This would run similarly in terms of activities, but the entire family would be involved)
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We are also thinking of partnering with schools so that an entire class of students would participate in the Camp. Would it work better if your child attended our Camp as part of a school trip?
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Learning how to make Costa Rican cheese:
Horseback riding:
Relaxing time in the Tree House:
Ox cart riding:
Creating their own art work at the Hobbit House:
Enjoying shaved ice at the Farmers' Market:
Exploration of the river:
Learning traditional farming methods:
Having fun at the Guacimal river:
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