Jeff Georgantes - Workshop - December 15-17, 2018
Fire, Forge and Flush Stonesetting. This class will lead you on a journey filled with twists and turns to explore a variety of core metalsmithing skills that culminate with a finished silver ring. First, using your own recycled sterling silver you will cast an ingot. Then with the help of the rolling mill along with hammers and an anvil, you will forge out a silver ring. Next, you'll practice flush setting faceted stones, getting ready for the real deal, setting stones into your hand-wrought silver ring. The class will be filled with tips and tricks for ingot making, forging and flush setting, including how to make your own setting tools. There will also be an added bonus lesson in graver setting. To learn more about Jeff Georgantes please visit his website at
Basic jewelry making skills required (how to use a saw/soldering) - Materials fee: $35

Class Fee for WGG members and students: $375
Class Fee for Non WGG members: $425
Workshop Location: Montgomery College, Rockville, MD
Saturday- Monday: 10:00am-5:00pm

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