Stakeholder Survey 2018-19 Sacaton Middle School
We value your feedback as it will contribute to continuous improvement and fulfilling the mission of the district:
Our mission is to engage students to take ownership of their learning, embrace their culture, and contribute to the world around them.
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If you are a parent/guardian, please select the grade of your child that attends Sacaton Middle School (check all that apply): *
1. The school provides a safe environment before, during, and after school.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Before School
During School
After School
2. The school campus is orderly, clean and conducive towards the academic progress of my child.
3. I receive consistent information about academic programs and activities in my child's school.
4. My child's teacher(s) are easy to contact.
5. My child's teachers listen to my concerns.
6. School administration is helpful and listens when I have a concern.
7. The school's curriculum is challenging and appropriate for my child.
8. The discipline policies at my child's school are fair, consistent, and are working.
9. I feel welcome when I enter the school.
10. I am provided opportunities to volunteer and/or participate in family events at the school.
11. I prefer teachers to communicate with me through (check all that apply):
12. Are you aware of the district's process for bullying/harassment/intimidation?
13. I feel my child has made adequate progress during the school year.
14. What would you like to see changed at Sacaton Middle School?
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15. What do you like best about Sacaton Middle School?
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