College of Law Event Parking Request - V-Lot
  1. The V-Lot is located at 7 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303.
  2. Parking in the V-Lot is limited and subject to the approval of the Conference and Events Office. 
  3. Please complete this form to request event parking in the V-Lot.
  4. We require at least 2 business days notice for event parking requests. Parking requests submitted with less than 2 business days notice will not be accommodated. Once you are within 2 business days of the event, your list is finalized and cannot be changed. 
  5. Parking is not available on weekdays after 6pm, and parking is not available on weekends. The V-Lot opens at 7:30am Monday - Friday. 
  6. You must provide a speedtype for your request. Your speedtype will be charged based on the number of guests you have provided the Conference and Events Office. Parking is $10 per space, per day. 
  7. You must provide names of each guest needing parking.
  8. No in-and-outs or re-entry into the V-Lot.
  9. Guests must have a validation ticket to exit the lot, and the ticket will not be replaced and cannot be exchanged with another guest. Validation tickets are one-time use only. 
Full parking procedure for event guests:
After the form is submitted, the Conference and Events Office will review your request. If approved, you will be notified of the approval and the Front Desk will also be sent a confirmation email. From there, when your guests arrive to the V-Lot, they'll need to provide their name at the call-box. As long as they are on the Approved Parking list, they'll be permitted to enter the lot. If a guest is not on the list, they'll need to find parking elsewhere. Permitted guests will then need to check in at the Front Desk where they'll be provided a validation ticket. This ticket is required to exit the lot, so they should not lose the ticket. Upon exiting the lot, guests will scan the barcode on their validation ticket. 
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Your Name (Requester)? *
Date You Need Parking in the V-Lot? 
We require at least 2 business days notice for parking requests. 
(If more than one date is needed, please submit a new request for each date)
***Parking in the V-Lot not available on weekdays after 6pm, or on weekends***
What time will your guest(s) arrive? *
What time will your guest(s) depart? *
Please provide the name of the event/meeting: *
How many spaces do you need?
(Note that the V-Lot can only accommodate up to 15 guest spaces per day, and is subject to availability)
Please list the names of the guests who will be parking. Names are required at the time of your request for all guests parking in the V-Lot so validation tickets may be issued accordingly.  *
Please include First and Last Names
What speedtype should be charged? *
GSU Parking rate for spaces in the V-Lot is $10 per space, per day.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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