46th LD 2021 Endorsement Rules Comments, Kudos, and Questions Form
This is the comment and questions form for the proposed 2021 46th LD Endorsement Rules.

The red-line version of the document is the February 21, 2021 draft of the proposal that will be presented in final form on March 7, 2021, and be a part of the agenda on the March 17, 2021 general district meeting.

Although the draft is nearly complete, many eyes make for a better final product. Every little bit helps and is appreciated!

You may submit more than one note for consideration, but please fill out the form for each section note, so that we can organize all of the notes separately for disposition.

Please note, there is a section for scrivener's or "housekeeping" errors - things such as grammar, syntax, spelling, vocabulary. Please use the "housekeeping errors" category for these sort of errors.

(Some obvious questions are being asked, as it will cut down on the data entry needed to create rosters and checklists from the export of this survey. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in filling out the contact information this questionnaire completely, even if you think we have your details on file.)
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