Independent Curators.
form & concept is currently accepting electronic submissions from independent curators. We collaborate with guest curators to organize invitational and juried exhibitions. Part of our work with outside curators involves seeking funding for ambitious projects that wouldn’t normally find a place in the commercial gallery world. Some of the curators we’ve worked with in this capacity include Ginger Dunnill of Broken Boxes Podcast and the directors of Strangers Collective.

Make sure to visit us, in person or through our website, before you submit materials. Ask yourself, “Does my exhibition idea connect with the aesthetic and mission of form & concept?” We value community, locally and online. The curators we work with often engage with us through gallery events or social media before submitting ideas for collaboration.

This form is designed for curator submissions. If you are an artist or arts organization, please return to and find the correct form. We review submissions quarterly. Due to the volume of submissions we can't respond to everyone, but we do send salutations and encouragement when we can!

Please Note: We will only use the images and videos you submit for this review process. You or the artists you're working with retain the copyright/publishing rights to any material you submit here.

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