Summer 2020 Normandy Swim Coach Application
I have already been approached by several who are wanting to coach for Normandy this summer. At this moment, I have 2 out of 4 positions open. If you interested, please fill out this form. I will collect potential applicants until mid March. Then, I will call to interview (if needed). Below are a list of responsibilities to first read over.

Normandy Swim Coach List of Responsibilities

Ensure the safety of all swim team members. All coaches must provide proof of CPR/AED and First Aid training.
Learn and follow the rules of the Seven Hills Swim League.
Arrive on time to all scheduled practices, meets, and meetings.
Make sure lane lines are in the pool and equipment is set up prior to the start of practice.
Learn the names of all swimmers.
Develop an effective process for teaching each of the swim strokes.
Evaluate each swimmer’s ability at the beginning of the season and place them in appropriate groups for teaching and learning.
Provide swim team participants with leadership, instruction, motivation, and feedback.
Lead structured, well planned practices.
Insure that the “Coach-in-Training” staff are utilized each day.
Check email several times throughout the day(during the swim season) and reply to all communication in a timely fashion.
Develop a system for meet entries that insures swimmers are able to legally swim the events for which they have been assigned.
Distribute the number of meet entries fair and equitably among each age group.
Communicate any team or personnel issues to the Swim Team Board Member. Work together to find a solution to these issues.
Communicate with parents in a timely manner if something needs to be addressed regarding a swimmers progress or behavior.
Participate in meet themes and team activities.

Questions? Call Christina 734-476-7301 or email
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Can you commit to be at swim practices M-F mornings (approximately 8am - noon) after school lets out? *
Can you commit to be at swim practices M-F afternoons (approximately 4pm-7pm) in May before school lets out for the summer? *
Can you commit to attending social events with the swimmers? (skating, dinner, banquet, etc) *
Can you commit to participating, planning and leading Fun Friday activities? *
Are you prepared to be trained on meet entries and take on responsibility for placing kids in appropriate events? *
What age group do you prefer to work with? *
What would you bring different or exciting to the Normandy Swim Team? Why should you be hired? *
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