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De la Bête will require a lot of work for it to happen. Any you can help us with it! This is a form for volunteers and NPCs for the international run of De la Bête (18-22 September 2019). Anybody who wants to come as crew needs to sign up using this form, so we can have an idea about how many people we have where.
Please note: This form is only for the international run (not the Czech runs!) and only for volunteers. This is NOT the signup for the players! The player signup will open on the 1st of February.

Coming as a helper is free and you will get food, accommodation, and costumes and props for the whole run. Please note: we need out volunteers to be on site from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday morning at the very least. We can provide free transport from Prague.
If you're signing up as a helper, please keep in mind that the experience is very different from the player experience. You will get fun and action and options to create lots of drama, but there's also work and some boring tasks to be done, so just please come ready to embrace a bit of creative chaos. We would like to note that we'd primarily recommend NPCing to people who've played the game before or don't mind getting some surprises spoiled, as it will come with some spoilers.

This form is simple: You'll tell us who you are and what you want to do and then we'll contact you. It shouldn't take you too much time to fill out - a few minutes at max. If you're not sure what De la Bête is or what volunteering means, please look at this website, especially the tabs Sign Up - Being a Volunteer: http://delabete.rolling.cz/

Personal data processing:
Rolling: association for development of role-playing and education games, Fučíkova 283, 411 55 Terezín, Identification number: 02296802, reference number: L 10922 registered at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem (hereinafter referred to as Association) processes and stores personal data of the participants, as necessary for the organization of the game De la Bête. The Association will process both the personal data you provide in this questionnaire and other personal data that you will provide later on, during the preparation and running of the game.
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