Race & The Labor Movement in WA State
In 2015, the WSLC along with Bill Fletcher, Jr (https://billfletcherjr.com/) and WA Labor Education Research Center (https://georgetown.southseattle.edu/labor-education-research-center) created a Race & Labor training that demonstrates how racism is used as a strategy for dividing worker solidarity, and provides space for union members to develop the language and resources we need to interrupt oppressive moments, combat racist systems, and support our union siblings. Since 2020, the WSLC has expanded our Race & Labor program to include virtual and hybrid trainings as well as a Race & Labor Certification program along with Labor Notes (https://labornotes.org/) to train rank and file members to lead these anti-racist trainings themselves.

To scale this work and meet the growing demand from affiliates across the state, we are also recruiting interested folks who have been through our Race & Labor training to become certified trainers in the curriculum. We're recruiting trainers from across Washington and a variety of backgrounds, centering people most impacted, and ensuring geographic diversity.  A stipend is available to rank-and-file union members from WSLC affiliates as a part of the Certification.

Join us! Complete this short form and we'll get you connected. This survey is hosted by the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and it's affiliated unions, worker centers and constituency groups.  Personal information will not be shared with institutions outside of the AFL-CIO. https://www.wslc.org/race-and-labor/ 


Background on the work: The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) represents over half a million unionized workers in Washington State, roughly one in five Washingtonians. In 2015, delegates of the WSLC Labor Council voted to pass our first resolution on Race & The Labor Movement.  It states that “race and the course of organized labor are inextricably bound and have been since workers made their first appearance on the shores of North America.” It enumerates our current challenges — that “organized labor needs to develop a robust counter narrative to that offered by right-wing populism and has yet to do so.” And it lays out the work we must take on — that “unions need to integrate racial justice into every area of their organization… to wholeheartedly combat the divide and conquer strategy of our enemies." We answer that call and find the work of anti-racism in our movement is needed now more than ever.
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