Al Forthan Scholarship Application
How to apply: Scholarship awards will be based on the students’ response to each of the following six questions or statements. Please submit your application below as a Microsoft Word or Google Document. Make sure to list your sources for questions 1 & 2. Please type out each question, followed by your response. All essays should be typed in 12pt font size and Times New Roman and double spaced.

Scholarship application must be submitted no later than Monday, February 4th , 2019 at midnight.

Full Name *
Address *
Phone Number *
Email *
High School *
Are you a first generation college student? *
Do you identify as a person of Hispanic, Latino/a, or of Spanish origin? *
Which of the following do you identify with? Select all that apply. *
What is your parent or guardian's annual income? *
(1) It is a fact that alcohol and drugs are widely used and abused by teenagers in the United States. Research this topic and describe some of the solutions to this problem. (1page) *
(2) Research how race and class correlate with incarceration rates in terms of alcohol and drug addiction. (1 page) *
(3a) Use the table below to list all volunteer/community service work and high school activities (sports, drama, music, student government, etc.) and the number of hours and or years you have participated in those activities. *
(3b) Describe how the volunteer/service work you performed has impacted you, what has been most meaningful to you, and how the work has shaped your future. (1 page) *
(4) Please describe any income barriers you face to your higher education and also, describe how the scholarship will benefit you in reaching your goals. (1 page) *
(5) Describe how alcohol and drug addiction in your family has affected you personally. How did you cope? (1.5 Page) *
(6)To be eligible for the $10,000 scholarship you will need to include in your application a one page (maximum) letter of support from a teacher, coach, school counselor, adult mentor, pastor, etc. describing your character and why they would recommend you for this scholarship. Please include the following information about the person providing the recommendation: Name, Title, Relationship to You, Email, Phone Number.
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