spARO Reverse Science Fair Project Proposals
The ARO, the External Relations Committee (ERC), and spARO are proud to collaborate on a public outreach event at The Tech Interactive museum, San Jose, CA. This is a "reverse" science fair, where the public judges the scientists' demos.

We are soliciting projects from spARO members on the broad theme of Science of Hearing and Balance. Get ideas at:

Event Timing: Saturday, Jan 25, 2020, 3 - 5 pm
Event location: The Tech Interactive, San Jose, CA (a 5 min walk from the Convention Center)

spARO contact: Kim Noij (
ERC chair contact: Keith Duncan (, 734-395-4348)

* Demos can include individuals or teams
* Demos should be interactive, hands-on, and inclusive for hearing-impaired public
* Demos should target families with elementary and older children
* We will run a workshop in December to help make demos inclusive and accessible.
* Demos will be spread throughout The Tech. They will provide tables, easels if needed, and access to power

* Submit proposals by Dec 1, 2019
* Early December, we will select 5 proposals for the ARO Educational Outreach Award, $100 each to help with creating the demo.
* Confirm demo by Jan 1, 2019 and identify resources needed.

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