Win a Free Stay during the FOSSASIA Summit 2018 with the Open Source Initiative and participate in the UNESCO Hackathon with the #OpenTechNights Program
The FOSSASIA Summit 2018 takes place in Singapore from Thursday, March 22 – Sunday, March 25. Open Source contributors can now apply for a free ticket to the event, and accommodation throughout conference. In addition, you’ll be eligible to participate in: Featured cloud workshops, the UNESCO hackathon, and celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Open Source Initiative. All you have to do is convince us, that you are an awesome Open Source contributor and book your trip to Singapore!

About #OpenTechNights

Developers from all over the world are joining the FOSSASIA Summit. We want to connect established and new Open Tech contributors alike. With the support of UNESCO, the Open Source Initiative, and other partners, we are inviting Free and Open Source Software contributors to join us. Winners will receive free lodging at a shared accommodation in the centre of Singapore, and a free ticket to the conference.

Winners are expected to join the summit each day, to participate in the workshops, and the Hackathon on Saturday/Sunday, March 24/25. We would also hope you can support the Open Source Initiative at their booth.

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Please fill in our form here before February 28, 2018.

Step 2: We will notify all winners within three days of their submission, however judging will begin immediately, and continue until all open spots are filled, so the earlier you apply, the higher your chances to win. Please note, winners will receive free accommodations in the Singapore. Flight and other travel costs are not included and are the responsibility of the attendee.

Step 3: Selected applicants must confirm their itinerary and tickets before March 1st to insure their free stay in Singapore. Earliest check-in possible is Wednesday March 21, latest check-out is Monday, March 26. Please indicate your arrival and departure times in the application form.

Expectations of Participants – Share what you learn

Attendees support volunteers, speakers and participants at the event, and take a shift at the Open Source Initiative’s booth. Let’s bring the spirit of sharing Open Technologies and learning together!
* Please confirm your participation at the opening event at 12PM, Thursday, March 22, 2018.
* Also please participate in the specially featured cloud workshops on Friday, March 23, 2018 from 9.00 AM – 6.00PM.
* Attendees participate in the UNESCO Hackathon on Saturday, March 24 (2.00 PM – 10.00PM) and on Sunday, March 25 (9.00 AM – 5.00PM).
* Attendees help reach out to community members who cannot join us at the event, make tweets, share what you learn on social media, publish photos and put up blog post about the summit.


Eligible are attendees, that are above 18 years of age and able to travel independently.

More Information

More updates, tickets and information on speakers on our website:


The data collection in this form is intended to guarantee gender balance, age diversity and diversity of participants from different countries.

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Only attendees who can travel independently and are above 18 years of age can apply.
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If you are not available to participate in the event full time on - all days - you cannot participate for the program. The available accommodation is a nice hostel in shared rooms with bunk beds in the centre of Singapore.
When would you check-out? *
If you are not available to participate in the event full time on - all days - you cannot participate for the program. The available accommodation is a nice hostel in shared rooms with bunk beds in the centre of Singapore.
I will participate actively in the event and support the event as a volunteer. *
I will provide my ticket info for my trip to Singapore before March 1. *
The support for this trip is only available for participants who 1. join the event on all days full time and 2. who do not receive any other travel support from another organization or program. Please confirm: *
Participants who already receive travel funding will be requested to pay for their hostel stay themselves.
I accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this form. Any wrong statement I made will result in the cancellation of the program support. I will have to pay the accommodation myself. *
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