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“Street of the future” is a unique exhibition organised by the companies behind the CRAFT tech conference Prezi and Ustream, an IBM Company. A free and open event in downtown Budapest between 22-23 April, aiming to bring current technology closer to everyday people. At the exhibition both small and big tech companies can introduce their next-generation innovations, consumer technologies to demonstrate how amazing things are created by today’s engineers, that influence our future. We expect strong press coverage from the exhibition.

If you have a product or technology that you would like to introduce at the “STReeT oF The FUTURe” exhibition, don’t hesitate to apply, since we provide opportunity for a selection of the most innovative products in the following categories:

1. Smart City (eg.City infrastructure, Smart vehicles, Education, Retail, Media, etc..),
2. Smart Home (eg. Wireless IoT devices, Audio and video, 3D printing, Robotics, etc..),
3. Lifestlye (eg. Entertainment, Electronic Gaming, Wearables, Fitness and Sports, Business, etc..),
4. Healthcare (Medical technology, etc..)

Please send your application with introduction and what you would like to exhibit in English or Hungarian until March 31th and we’ll review it shortly.

Exhibitors will be placed either indoor or outdoor with their booth depending on their prod- uct. Feel free to bring your own booth and installation, or let us know if you don’t have one and we can help get you set up with a suitable 1x1 m booth.

Pricing: Good news! Being a pre-event to our CRAFT conference, the Street of the Future is also a non pro t event, we’re only charging the cost price shared between all exhibitors. Please contact us for the exact fee and conditions.

Contact: Attila Balogi,, +36 20 233 1843

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Tell some details about your product(s) or technology you would like to introduce at the Street of the Future exhibition. Also, please send a link to pictures/videos about the product.
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We plan to make the following 4 categories in the exhibition. In which of these would you place your product?
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Please note that indoor means a more limited space since we can place only 6-8 exhibitors inside the dome tent.
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We can provide electricity and approximately a 2x2m space (depending on your need), with a 1x1m table. Feel free to bring your own installation if you have. Do you need anything else?
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We'll also have a stage (Stage of the future) at the exhibition where we expect to have 10-12 interesting talks about futuristic technologies and concepts, that demonstrate how our life will look like in the future. Do you have any interesting topic you'd share on the stage?
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