Photoshoot Request Form
Thanks for your interest in photoshoots with Imper1um Photography. Before you get started, here's a little bit of information:

1. I am unable to do Photoshoots in Restricted Areas, unless you get permission from the owner of the location.

2. I have the capability of climbing, walking long distances, and carrying some stuff for a distance. However, I do have limits. We will discuss on different requirements. I love exercise and a challenge, but long climbs or walks will require that I train up.

3. Photoshoots must be within 4 hours drive from Orlando, FL. If a photoshoot is more than 2 hours of drive, I will charge you $5 for a gas surcharge, or you may refill my gas tank for me.

4. Admission fees must be paid by the model.

5. Times and dates are subject to availability. I have a day job that I work from 9a-5p Monday thru Friday, and I go to conventions. The distance of the photoshoot will also be a problem. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR CONVENTION-SPECIFIC PHOTOSHOOTS, THIS IS NOT THE FORM TO FILL OUT. Please check on my pages for announcements of convention-specific photoshoots.

6. You will get a private Flickr link of all of the images that are usable. I throw out any photo that is too out of focus, over/under exposed too much, calibration photos and such.

7. Not all photoshoot requests that fit into the rules will be fulfilled. It depends if I think its usable.

If you're okay with all of this, proceed to the next page to start.
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