Request for Pet Help or Admission Appointment
Pet Owner: Please submit this form to receive resources about keeping or rehoming your pet. Please try our suggestions before considering surrendering your pet. A shelter is very stressful for pets.

URGENT ALERT: We have reached our capacity. We are unable to take in pets at this time. Consider asking a friend to take your pet while you try our rehoming suggestions. We hope to reserve space in the shelter for those who have exhausted all other options and still need a "safety net".

Surrender fees: $50 unlicensed, $30 licensed pet

You will receive a response from (check your junk file) in 4-7 business days.

Reminders: Please note the e-mailing of or submitting this form does not guarantee placement of your pet. Once admitted CCCASD will continue to make every effort to find a new home for your pet.
Please be advised that owner surrendered pets become the property of Contra Costa County immediately. As such, owner surrendered animals may be considered for adoption, transfer to rescue group, or humane euthanasia.

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