GSPC Parking Lot Party 7/29
Camp Wilmot is so excited to get to gather for a socially distant "parking lot party" as Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, July 29th, and we're so excited you can make it! Our party will begin promptly at 4:30 and end at 5:30. We'll ask you to drive in to the parking lot, where we'll direct you to a chalked out zone where you can either drop off your child or park in that zone. We ask that families stay in their zones for the entirety of the program. You zone will have all the materials needed for the party's activities, ready and waiting for you! Our program will include a Bible lesson, craft, game, some individually packaged snacks, and singing and dancing! There is no cost to participate and the event open to all church youth, including those who were not registered to attend Camp Wilmot this summer!

Please fill out the information below so we know who we can expect, and please reach out to Robin and Kayla at with any questions!

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church is located at 701 Foundry Street, Easton MA. See you there!
Please list the names and ages of any members of your party who will be attending. (please include adults, but you don't have to list the ages of adults) *
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Will you be dropping off and picking up your child(ren) or staying with them for the duration of the party? *
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Does the child(ren) attending have any allergies? And if so, to what? (please type no if no, or list allergies) *
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