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Have you experienced a job loss or reduced income directly caused by the covid response economic restrictions? *
Tell us briefly what your occupation or job was that has been impacted by the covid response. *
Tell us briefly what, if any, substitute income or other relief you've been able to obtain (e.g. PPP loan, EIDL loan, other loan, home refinance, unemployment benefits, financial support from family or friends, another job or alternate source of income, rent or mortgage reduction or suspension of payments, etc.). *
If you have obtained substitute income, tell us briefly whether it has equalized the income you lost and if not, about how much of a disparity you have experienced. You can tell us your approximate amount of take-home income per month before covid restrictions and what it is now. Also, let us know approximately how much you've lost in income that you'll never get back, even with the substitute income you've obtained. *
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