Twenty years of Arabidopsis Genomics
December 2020 is the twenty year anniversary of the publication of the Arabidopsis genome sequence.

To celebrate this milestone event The Plant Cell are preparing a review article entitled '20 years of Arabidopsis genomics'. The Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) will contribute to this review by gauging community reaction to the milestone.

Therefore we'd be grateful if you could provide a brief comment about how the publication of the Arabidopsis genome helped and still helps your research.
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Please provide a short paragraph about how the publication of the Arabidopsis genome has impacted your research. This doesn't have to be directly linked to the actual genome publication itself but can include all applications and methods that were enabled by its publication, e.g. expression atlases, next-generation mapping, Y2H studies, etc.
Would you be happy for us to quote your response within the proposed article in The Plant Cell?
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