Earn while you Learn - A Party Invite
Learning is always expensive. The fees are high and the examination models are obsolete. As a result, getting a job after acquiring a professional degree is often a dream that seldom come true. This is where we at airis4D is bringing to you a party proposal. It is a collaborative business platform where you work with experts to solve industry/health/social/domestic/cultural problems and take back a share of the profit it earns. In turn, you Learn a few things and also Earn some money. The topic need not be AI. It could be from designing mobile applications, webpages, solving a social problem, methods to protect the biodiversity or the farmer and his crops from invading animals or pests, to bio-engineering, geriatrics or to latest rocket science technology for medical care. The list is endless. Your degree does not matter. Your age does not matter. Your family background nor your wealth has any significance. What matters is your skill and your desire to attain the goals. Come for the party! Register below for this win win program.

Still not convinced? Here is a toy example of a 5 year old kid who comes for the party. He has an elderly neighbor who is confined to a wheel chair. Every evening the 5 year old goes to the "uncle" with his Android tablet to demonstrate new things that he has learned with it. Mr. Uncle finds it the best time he has every day! That is the party! As of now, there is no financial transaction (except for a few chocolates!!) between the two. But there is a great exchange of knowledge and relationship. Paper notes are not more valuable than those moments. However, imagine a situation where the "uncle" deposits a coin for this kid at every sitting. It is nothing for him, but might be a great help/encouragement for the kid. This is the second part of the party! In another situation, think of someone who does the gardening of your beautiful house or take care of your pets when you are unable to take care of it by yourself. You can call on the party and while being helped, can indirectly help someone too. The take home message is that you need not be doing rocket science to join the airis4D party!
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