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Hire South Brooklyn Community Cleaners to make your home or business sparkle -- and play a role in sustaining a fair-wage and dignified work model for Brooklyn immigrant women impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please fill out all of the required fields so that our volunteer team is able to connect you to one of the members of the community who is available to provide house-cleaning services. Your contact information will be kept private; we won’t use or share your information for any other purpose.
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In hiring cleaning services: (1) I will respect the minimum fee of $100 and will not try to negotiate down the price I selected in this form. (2) I will pay the house cleaner in cash by the close of their work day. (3) If I or anyone else will be present during the time of the cleaning, we will maintain social distancing guidelines, including wearing a mask, staying 6 feet away, etc., so that all parties can be as safe as possible. (4) I will not ask the cleaning professional to clean on their knees. (5) I will supply the cleaning professional with the necessary supplies and equipment to clean in my home or business. (6) If my space is exceptionally dirty, the cleaning professional may negotiate with me if there will be additional costs. *
Disclaimer: SBKMA offers this Community Marketplace solely as a service to the community and a platform for people with needs to connect with people with possibilities to meet those needs. SBKMA is not a party in any potential financial arrangements between people who might find each other through this platform. SBKMA is not an employer or work agency and is not responsible for the goods and services appearing on this page. We do our best to vett the folks interacting here, but all terms and outcomes of any virtual connections made via this page are the responsibilities of the parties involved and not SBKMA. *
Thank you for supporting your neighbors and helping circulate our local economy. Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon!
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