Enrichment Bikes Questionnaire
Do you enjoy riding bicycles? *
How often do you ride a bicycle? *
What type of bicycle do you ride? *
When you ride do you always wear a helmet? *
What type of terrain do you prefer to ride on? *
Do you know how inflate the tires on a bicycle? *
Do you know how to adjust the saddle (seat) height on a bicycle? *
If given the choice would you rather ride a bicycle to get somewhere or walk? *
Have you ever been to White Park? It is the park beside the school with the pavilion and baseball fields. *
How much do you think a "racing" bicycle costs? *
Do you know what the term heart rate means and what it should be while exercising? *
On a bicycle which side is the front brake lever on? *
On a bicycle which side is the rear brake lever on? *
Are you excited to be in this class and have the opportunity to ride a bicycle every school day? *
Please enter your first and last name. *
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